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Beyond economic necessities are people’s creativity and sense of “celebration” for victory. Despite the painful and devastating effects of World War II, people felt relieved when the war was finally over in 1945; although dealing with the aftermath was equally hard as when the war was still ongoing… nevertheless, people celebrated.

During the postwar period, retro style was given birth – an era of art, fashion and creativity, expressed in sophisticated and full vibrant colours. This reflects how people became excited to create and express art and beauty. Retro style was used in fashion and home remodeling from 1950 – 1970; although remained known throughout the modern and postmodern era.

At this very point of postmodernism, it is surprising to see that part of the advancement of technology and ideas is the fusion of postwar and modern period art and style. This means that the current designs and styles use in home remodeling is a combination of the 19th, the 20th and the 21st century. For example, a kitchen can be remodeled using retro lights as an integration to other lighting system and decorations in the kitchen.

The Ball Lamp
This lamp came out and became popular in the 1970′s because of its polished design and vibrant colors that make it a dominant feature of the retro era. At that time, the lamp was commonly seen in the living room and the dining room of the elites and rich. For current use, it is suggested that the lamp will be used in the same manner as used in the retro period.

Pendant Lights
These lights come in two designs – the old hat design and the vintage umbrella look. These can fit with modern concrete wall; although for a vintage look, it is best to use in wooden kitchen and fixtures.

Victorian Style Lamp
This is the most popular fixture lamp during the retro period and remained famous and liked by modern lamp designers of the present time. This lamp can be integrated with other lighting tools and can be placed near the buffet table.

Fusion is a creative way of producing a new style that balances modernity with antiquity, and loudness with finesse. Styles are born out of fashion needs and it is very exciting that the need for a new style is actually the harmony of the past and present era. Retro furniture seems to accomplish this with ease.

Post time: Jun-19-2017
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